Frequently Asked Questions

We know many of you have some questions about recent changes at dotmod, so we’ve provided some answers below that will clarify things:


1. What is the status of dotmod?

a. We’re better than ever! Despite some rumors to the contrary, dotmod is growing, promoting lots of new products, and delivering better quality and service.  The original ownership, product designers, and manufacturing experts are still here and remain committed to delivering the most elegant style, clouds, and flavor.

2. What happened to the former team?

a. A dotmod employee left to go into competition and took some employees with him. The leader of this group was ordered to return hundreds of thousands in funds, as verified by a California Superior Court Temporary Restraining Order.

b. None of the former employees was a majority shareholder, making any rumors about the company being “hijacked” just plain fiction.

3. Does the current team care about more than just making a profit?

a. Dotmod’s management team adheres to the principles outlined in the book Conscious Capitalism, written by the former CEO of Whole Foods Markets. Our passion and purpose transcends just making a profit. We’re dedicated to providing beauty and joy to vape users while empowering healthier lifestyles.

b. Dotmod is committed to the vaping industry, and is donating a portion of our profits to CASAA to help promote fair legislation and ensure our industry survives and thrives.

c. Dotmod is also dedicated to helping the military, veterans, and their families worldwide by educating, motivating, and facilitating vaping instead of smoking.

4. Are dotmod’s new products FDA compliant?

a. Yes! dotmod has taken steps to comply with the FDA’s Deeming Regulations under the Tobacco Control Act of 2009.

b. We’ve added additional vape, FDA, operations, customer service, marketing, sales, and compliance expertise to better serve our industry partners and customers.

5. What are dotmod’s new products?

a. Check out the dotmod wholesale and retail sites for announcements about our new 22mm tube mod colors, 24mm tubes in 18 colors, 24mm attys in 18 colors, 22 and 24mm RTAs and tanks, 75, 200, and 300W box mods, high-quality pre-built coils, and an elegant rechargeable closed system line.

6. What happened to the dotmod and dotbuilds Instagram and Facebook accounts?

a. Short answer: we were hacked. We’re working with Instagram and Facebook to resolve the issues. In the meantime, we launched a new dotmod Instagram site, so please follow and post away!

b. As for dotbuilds, the hackers changed this to radvape and deleted all your cool dotmod build pics. Shame on them, but not to worry, you can repost those great shots on the dotmod site. Soon enough we’ll be launching some awesome contests for the best pics and give away some amazing prizes!

7. Will you also offer juice?

a. Yes! We have begun to market juice. Even better, we’ll continue to test and certify juices to ensure the best flavor, largest clouds, and least gunking when used with your dotmod hardware.  Imagine the experience when you combine the best juice with the best hardware on the market!